Saturday, November 2, 2013

Source of "Betters Station (historical)" information

I wasn't going to post for a third time in one day, but I decided to try to figure out why "Betters Station (historical)" was appearing on all of these online maps. I found out why pretty quickly. It's an entry in the USGS Geographic Names Information System. Here are some of the facts provided in that entry:
Description: Stage stop
Coordinates: 46.7665939 (lat.), -113.7092628 (long.) - approximate
Entry Date: 09-Feb-1998
Citation: Lutz, Dennis J. and William Ashton. Montana Place Names. (More information to be added when the book is published. - 9606).
Variant Name: Baker's Station
It looks like I have something new to search for (Baker's Station) and a couple of unpublished authors to find.

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